CTTN Corporation

CTTN Corporation

Hardware Services

- From installation to maintenance, repair and validation: we undertake the whole range of work on your Work office.
- Services Advice and guidance on acquisition of computers, components and peripherals Diagnosis and/or repair of PC hardware/or Security Camera System...
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Security Camera System

- We take pride in offering only the best security monitoring systems for home and business.
- With security camera systems you get fully featured, professional-grade security solutions that are easy to install and simple to use.
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Technology solutions for the Future

“ Design and installation of smart home system deployment. ”
- Smart Homes are a modern concept of connected home that provides power to the user to control multiple devices installed across home using a single interface. The more connected the devices, the more accessible they are. To have this connected network of connected devices, various protocols are existing in the market today that allow devices to talk to each other. Due to immature market, there is currently no standardization followed by smart device manufacturers and this causes inconvenience to the users since they are unable to use devices from different brands. For the Smart Home project we will use Z-wave protocol since it is one of the protocol with widest device support. It runs on a low frequency that reduces interference from most other protocols and devices.
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Software Services for Hardware

- The application software services segment includes office,
- Marketing,Graphic Design,Web Design,Analytics, back-office, ERP, supply chain management (SCM) software services...as well as collaborative, investment and interact with you
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Design - Website for Hardware

- Creative Code is a Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency, specialising in Websites, ...
- Creative Web & Brand Design Agency ... Our Services View Portfolio ...
- We’re campaigning for equal rights across all devices. Our websites look their best on whatever your users have in their hand.
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